Revopoint 3D

Potable Turntable


The turntable is used to assist the 3D scanning, quite suitable to scan small objects, convenient and simple to operate.


  1. Lightweight; easy to carry;
  2. Detachable:
  3. Good helper for 3D creation, a must for novices;

Connection of the Turntable

Part List: 4 pieces of extended table, USB cable, Detachable glue and the mini turntable.

 Power the mini turntable via the USB cable;

Splice the 4 pieces of extended table into one plate;

Stick the detachable glue on the mini electric turntable;

Then Put the 4-in-1 plate on the glue.

A new turntable is obtained.

Note: The mini turntable can be powered with 2 AA size batteries or a power supply.



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