POP 2 3D Scanner: Superior Features, Still Affordable

Typically, high-precision 3D scanners are costly and complicated to use, making them inaccessible for those who aren’t highly specialized users. Some manufacturers have managed to lower the barrier of entry by packing professional-grade 3D scanning technology into more accessible and affordable devices.

One of the more popular products to make waves on the low-cost 3D scanning market was the Revopoint POP, a handheld 3D scanner that offered many of the features found in commercial devices, but at a fraction of the cost.

After fielding success and praise with its handheld POP 3D scanner, Revopoint has reinvented its 3D scanning device, adding several features and hardware improvements. The result of the manufacturer’s latest R&D is the new Revopoint POP 2, a powerful yet affordable 3D scanner that offers higher precision and an impressive array of upgrades.

How does the Revopoint POP 2 manage to outshine its predecessor? Let’s look at the various enhancements that make this new 3D scanner an even better option for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Revopoint POP 2 Presents Higher Precision, Powerful Color Effects, and More

While there are many upgraded specs and features found in Revopoint POP 2, these improvements all lead to a state-of-the-art 3D scanner that is easy-to-use and capable of delivering incredible results for users of all experience levels.

Here are the key areas of improvements that Revopoint has implemented into the POP 2 3D scanner.



At the heart of the Revopoint POP 2 is its binocular micro-structured light engine. Developed by the manufacturer, the proprietary micro projecting chip found in this scanner ensures that the 3D point cloud data is acquired quickly without sacrificing accuracy. In fact, the POP 2 offers a single-frame accuracy of up to 0.1mm. Due to this powerful chip, the scanner is able to capture extremely vivid 3D models via high-precision scanning mode and texture scanning mode. These modes make the Revopoint POP 2 the ideal companion for those who want to 3D print intricate details or colored objects.

POP 2 is also equipped with a built-in 3D calculation chip that lends itself to a highly efficient and speedy 3D scanning process. This means that there’s no need for expensive and advanced computers. Users can count on top-notch 3D scanning data to be captured even on standard equipment.


The strides made with the binocular micro-structured light engine equates to even higher-precision and 3D scanning fluency with the POP 2. On top of the aforementioned improvements, Revopoint has also upgraded the projector and IR cameras, boosting the 3D scanner’s resolution to even greater heights.

The hardware upgrades found in POP 2 enable the scanning frame rate to reach 10 frames. It’s also equipped with an embedded 6 Dof Gyroscope to spur faster and more accurate spatial position, reduce stitching errors, improve the smoothness of scanning, and make the scanning process simpler and faster. In a nutshell, it enhances its operational flow and shape, marker point, and color feature point cloud stitching.


One of the more prominent characteristics found in the Revopoint POP 2 is the ability to capture vivid colors, a major benefit for users looking to generate vibrant models for VR/AR, 3D animation, or even color 3D printing. This incredible color effect stems from the POP 2’s high-resolution global exposure sensor and synchronization with the depth camera via hardware triggering.


All of these professional-grade features are certainly important to those interested in the POP 2 3D scanner, but the ease-of-use is what really makes it accessible to the masses. Users will be relieved to know that the device utilizes one-button operation, giving access to all of these impressive features with a simple click. By simplifying the 3D scanning process, even novice users can successfully capture objects without much hassle or troubleshooting.

At a grand total of 195 grams, the scanner is also portable and lightweight, making it possible to bring high-quality 3D scanning capabilities almost anywhere. Moreover, the POP 2 doesn’t require an AC power supply to work, so it can be used even in areas without easy access to power outlets.

Revopoint POP 2 also comes packaged with intuitive 3D scanning software that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The software offers a user interface that showcases the 3D scanning process in real-time, letting users observe and fix problems that arise during operation.

Handheld and Turntable Versatility Equals 3D Scanning for Every Application

Revopoint POP 2 doubles as both a handheld and turntable 3D scanner, making it extremely versatile and well-suited for various applications. From high-precision fixed scanning with the turntable, to safely capturing humans, animals, or other large-scale objects via handheld mode, Revopoint POP 2 can essentially do it all. 3D printing hobbyists, VR/AR designers, or those looking to use reverse design for industrial applications will all find immense value in this multi-functional 3D scanner.

By scanning industrial parts with the POP 2, these objects can be reverse designed and easily reproduced with high accuracy. Users can even leverage marker points to capture large or featureless objects, ensuring that even the darkest or glossiest surface can be scanned. This versatility ensures that customers of all experience levels are satisfied, including hobbyists, medical professionals, dentists, researchers, architects, and many others.


Product Name

3D Scanner

Product Model



Dual camera infrared structured light


Dual core ARM Cortex-A7

Single capture accuracy

Up to 0.1mm

Single capture range

210mm x 130mm

Working distance

150 ~ 400mm

Minimum scan volume


Scan speed

Up to 10 fps

Light source

1 class infrared Laser 1


Feature, marker and color

Press button


Output format


Texture scan


Special object scanning

For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray powder.

Outdoor scanning

The cover is needed to avoid interference of intense light.

Scanner weight



154.6 x 38.2x 25.6mm

Printable data output

Able to export 3D model directly to 3D printing

Required computer configurations

Windows 8\10, 64-bit, Android, iOS, MAC

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth


Connector Type

Micro USB

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